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Wine tastings and oenology lessons

from 44€/p

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Our wine tasting lessons will be held in English ; they are meant to guide you through the maze of the French numerous “terroirs”, which are all specific combinations of a soil, a climate, and one or several
grape varieties. All the wines will accompany a full 5 courses meal (lunch or dinner), each dish paired with a different wine. Those are chosen according to a selected point of view
(cheese and wine, unknown regions, comparison between Bordeaux and South-Western France’s wines, comparison between Loire Valley and Burgondy wines, and so on...). All the sessions are dedicated to
any kind of public, from beginner to connoisseur, and have one aim : make you happy !

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Happiness also means learning. This goes in three categories :

  • how the wine is actually made (vinification processes)
  • how it is tasted (array of aromas, organoleptic profile)
  • how it is best paired with food.

You will at the end be able to recognize a good wine from a bad one, despite the enigmatic forest of labels and marketing !

price : 44 € per person (minimum 2 persons)

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